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Requests for Support

Martin has written (16/4)to the Astronomical Society of SA (ASSA) asking for their official support,
and this morning (17/4) I popped off an email to Prof Virginia Kilborn, Chair of the Astronomical Society of Australia (ASA)
asking for their support.

ASA is the body for professional astronomers in Australia, not to be confused with ASSA.


South Australia’s first Dark Sky Reserve

Australia, due to its large land area and small population is endowed with minimal Light Pollution and consequently very dark skies.

Because most of the population live on the coastal fringe, its not necessary to travel far inland to reach truly dark skies.

In the case of the River Murray Dark Sky Reserve, an 80 minute drive from the airport in the State capital, Adelaide, passing through rolling hills and vineyards, will take you to skies that routinely register 21.9 with a Sky Quality Meter. The Reserve is in the rainshadow of the Adelaide Hills and is known for its low rainfall and clear skies.

The River Murray Dark Sky Reserve is surrounded by some of Australia’s most famous
wine growing regions, and visitors can step backwards in time with a paddle steamer cruise on the River Murray.

We are currently beginning the process to apply to the International Darksky Association for formal accreditation as a DarkSky Reserve.